Lori Patrick of Sutton Group hosts a monthly podcast titled Inside Real Estate on Spotify

Steve Bauer of AAA Solid Foundation is a regular guest as they discuss foundation issues with your house.

Review the talking points below and listen to the 2 part podcast.



  • They’re a special buyer, in a very busy, frantic market, with multiple offers and they need extra special attention. It’s a lot to take in, sometimes I want to put the brakes on and slow it down a little bit.
  • The price range they’re starting in is older homes, older neighbourhoods, so you have to do your due diligence. Sometimes there is more than meets the eye with these homes.
  • They can be excited when walking in, if we find something with renovations, they are very excited.
  • Had a young couple, first time homebuyers, who brought their parents as advisors with them to help. Sometimes advisors can overstep, but these parents were great.
  • In this one house they were looking at, it was nice after looking at some others that weren’t as nice. Lori started to get a feeling and started to caution/put the brakes on, and the buyers weren’t listening. Parents actually stepped in to say, “Are you listening to her?”
  • The parents picked up on what I was saying about the foundation and that I wanted a 2nd opinion even though the kitchen was fantastic, I’m noticing structural issues.
  • Not a huge deal, but wanted an expert.
  • GREG: Nice shiny house, lots of bells and whistles, but wanted a 2nd opinion.
  • While it looked good, I wanted a 2nd opinion.
  • STEVE: We work together a lot, and in these cases, I check into to see if there have been any permits issued recently.
  • I then check for any “budget-busters”, like concrete issues or landscape issues with drainage towards the house. These things can add up and be very expensive.
  • One more thing is eavestroughs-he catches these and can be pricey to deal with.
  • GREG: Steve, you’re like the dad who catches the problems.
  • STEVE: I am the party-crasher, but I like to peel the onion back on the shiny new homes. He likes to look deeper and provide solutions that are cost affordable. Not every solution is a huge cost.
  • LORI: Absolutely there are solutions. I call in Steve as back-up to provide the know-how and can help the buyer feel better.
  • I don’t want to sell something that is a problem down the road for the buyer. I want it to go well for me, which means it goes well for the buyer.
  • GREG: Steve, what can you do this year for next year?
  • STEVE: Ensure you are looking at your eaves, the small drips and addressing grading and landscaping, ensuring water can drain from your house.
  • GREG: Lori, you have the connections to the experts. You have a back-up plan too?
  • LORI: Do as much due diligence before you buy the house. Home inspection is the first layer, then Steve or expert  is next layer to come in and check as many boxes as possible. Sometimes you have a surprise happen, There is a little bit of buyer beware, but we but we go through as many steps as possible to mitigate those surprises.
  • GREG: How’s the market going?
  • Market is increasing, buyers are out and about. Multiple offers and great time to be a buyer and seller, depending on what you’re looking for.



  • Overview of the audio clip below:

    • GREG: I have always done this, I enjoy shovelling and I make it a big part of my winter to shovel snow away from my house constantly. This is important, isn’t it?
    • LORI: You are in the minority, a lot of people don’t shovel around the foundation, and with our cycles of freeze-thaw, a lot of layers of ice and snow can build up, and make it quite hard to get rid of once we come into the spring and it starts melting.
    • Recent example with a house on the market, and getting feedback on the listing.
    • I got feedback that the buyer was concerned about the water in the basement.  I checked the reports, there was nothing about water issues. Whaaa? I called the seller he too said ‘what water?’  He goes to take a look, and sure enough he goes downstairs and there’re some seepage in one spot. It’s a new issue to the owner, he’s never had that in the years he’s owned it so is puzzled. It’s nothing major, just a slow seeping amount of water.
    • My first thought is ok it’s the north side, not a lot of sun between it and the neighboring house how much snow is still there? I sent him out and he says not much snow is there. So he cleans it up and it’s back the next day. I get him to send me a pic of the outside of the house so I can see what he means by not that much snow. But it is a three feet tall bank of ice and snow! Get a pick and shovel and get rid of the snow right now!
    • If he was doing this all year, it wouldn’t be happening (or as hard to remove). And no water in the basement.
    • GREG: It’s important to think about these maintenance tips as you may one day be selling your home. Steve, you’ve probably seen oodles of stories like that too.
    • STEVE: I was doing an inspection for Lori in March for bracing and I would let her know if there was any wetness in the basement, and there wasn’t any. I go back to the past year, June 10, 2021, and ask them if they have had any issues with that. If not, then they are dealing with the amount of snow.
    • What’s changed? Freeze-thaw cycles create freeze traps, where there is a lot of ice built up alongside the house. It can overwhelm weeping tiles, and can seep into seems around the home.
    • These issues can be fixed. But preventative measures of shovelling will help a lot.
    • GREG: With the soil in Regina, can you prevent any of the cracking in the basements?
    • STEVE: Dirt around your house will change with moisture. Basement also changes with moisture like a plant in the garden. If it is dry, ground shrinks and dries, leading to cracks in basement/dropping in level. This is a tough thing in the city.
    • LORI: Proper maintenance and grading will go a long way, such as watering your basement or filling in around your home. Just like watering your garden, you need to water your basement. If it is particularly dry, do a soak. Do it now to save money and the headache.
    • GREG: Lori always wants her expert there, you need to find out as much as you can. It’s not to pick apart the home, it’s to look at everything and get as much information as you can get when you make your decision.
    • GREG: Market is still hot, competing offers are all over right now. You can’t put your home in the market and just expect more.
    • LORI: Good time to sell, but you can be overpriced in the market and not get what you think.
    • STEVE: Don’t ignore estimates or knowledge even in a hot housing market.
    • GREG: Thanks Steve, and asks Lori about Interest Rate/PreApprovals
    • Interest Rates: No fear on these now, if buyers are going to buy, they aren’t worried about it. Get your pre-approval and ensure you are good to go.
    • Preapprovals: Please get it done, and then ensure it is good to go.

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