Engineered Knee Walls

Reinforcing unstable foundaton walls



​Basements in older homes were often built with stones, brick, or concrete blocks.

Foundation walls made with concrete blocks have hundreds of joints. Because of this type of foundation wall construction. We are unable to use wall bracing the same way as a poured concrete basement.


To fix foundation walls, we install a Pony Wall or Knee wall.

This pony/knee wall is a poured concrete wall on the inside of the existing basement wall. This technique braces the old wall and helps to add more structural integrity to the home.


AAA Solid Foundations-Regina Basement Contractors

An engineered knee wall is a poured, reinforced concrete wall.

Installed in the interior of the basement. The knee wall (sometimes known as a pony wall) helps the integrity of the existing foundation.

Building forms inside the basement and adding rebar for strength. The forms are then filled with concrete. Doubling the thickness of the wall and increasing the strength of the exiting wall.


If your home has signs of water seepage or there are visible cracks in your foundation walls or floor.

Basement Foundation Repair Service Area

AAA Solid Foundation is based in Regina, SK. Our service area includes Regina, Lumsden, Grand Coulee, White City, Emerald Park & Moose Jaw.

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At AAA Solid Foundations, we pride ourselves on doing the best work possible. We work only with seasoned, professional structural engineers who are familiar with the soil conditions in the Regina area.

Our basement foundation repair estimators do not use scare tactics. If there is a simple solution to your foundation issues, we will not recommend services that are not required.

AAA Solid Foundations is Licensed to work in Saskatchewan and is fully insured.

We are in good standing with the Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board.

AAA Solid Foundation Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Foundation Contractor in Regina, SK
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