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Fixing Basement Walls from Inside

As the soil exerts pressure on the basement wall, the wall can push in at the top, bottom, or middle.
Signs you have foundation issues:
  • house shifting off the foundation wall,
  • bowing basement walls,
  • or cracks appearing in exposed concrete.
When a home needs wall bracing, we work with an engineer. The engineer will inspect the extent of the damage. Develop plans to correct the problem or prevent further damage.
The repair involves the installation of several steel beams. Vertically Installed against the wall. Anchored to the floor joists by large anchor bolts and to the concrete floor with non-shrinkable grout. We also seal any cracks with non-shrinkable grout.
The final product is re-inspected by an engineer and city inspectors. Ensuring that the completed work complies with the permit.
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Basement Slab Replacement

Foundation/basement walls support the weight of your home. They are not designed to withstand lateral pressure from the soil.

When the soil around the house is saturated with water it expands. Applying lateral pressure to the foundation walls. As well, if your house has a driveway that extends past the house, (yours or a neighbours) the weight of vehicles and the driveway itself will compress the soil. Adding more pressure to the basement walls.


If your home has signs of water seepage or there are visible cracks in your foundation walls or floor.

Basement Foundation Repair Service Area

AAA Solid Foundation is based in Regina, SK. Our service area includes Regina, Lumsden, Grand Coulee, White City, Emerald Park & Moose Jaw.

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At AAA Solid Foundations, we pride ourselves on doing the best work possible. We work only with seasoned, professional structural engineers who are familiar with the soil conditions in the Regina area.

Our basement foundation repair estimators do not use scare tactics. If there is a simple solution to your foundation issues, we will not recommend services that are not required.

AAA Solid Foundations is Licensed to work in Saskatchewan and is fully insured.

We are in good standing with the Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board.

AAA Solid Foundation Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Foundation Contractor in Regina, SK
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