Iced Up Downspouts

Clear Downspouts of Ice & Snow

Your home’s foundation does not like water. 

Water will always find the path of least resistance. Making it more important to make sure all water is forced away from your home.

Adding extensions to your downspouts is a great way to funnel water away from your home’s foundation.

When snow on your roof starts to melt in early spring. Because temperatures fluctuate from melting to freezing. Ice can form either in the eavestrough or near the downspout. Ice chunks from the eavestrough can even get stuck in the downspout. 

Be sure to check your downspouts, extensions and the area around the downspouts. Make sure water has a path to flow away from your house foundation.

Look up at your eaves as well. If you see snow and ice forming in or over the eavestrough it should be removed. Be very careful if you attempt this on your own. Ladders can become slippery and the ground the ladder is on may also be slippery. 

There are companies in Regina that can clear ice and snow from your roof.