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Water issues in your basement?

Water in the basement can lead to mould and musty smells. Mould can lead to serious health issues. When water is seeping into your basement, it can cause damage to walls and floors, and ruin furniture and belongings.

How is water getting into my basement?

Water will always find the path of the least resistance. There are several ways that water can find an entrance into a basement.

To stop water from seeping into your basement, you must first identify the issue. There are several ways water can seep into the basement.


How Water Seeps Into Basement

Any water that enters a basement through the foundation comes from the soil surrounding your home. If the ground is oversaturated with water, then the water will find its way through the smallest of cracks.

Water can get in many different ways.

Landscaping and soil play a major role in keeping water away from your home. Along with eavestrough and downspouts. When water is not directed away from your home, water can find many ways to get into your basement.

  • From below the foundation through cracks in the basement slab and hydrostatic pressure.
  • Through cracks, holes, or loose or missing mortar (cinder block foundations) in the foundation walls.
  • Over the foundation walls if the soil around your home is too high and is sloped towards your foundation.
  • If your sump pump fails or is turned off and water builds up in your sump pit.
  • Water can seep in around any pipes that extend through basement walls.
  • If you have basement windows below the outside ground level (with out without window wells), water can seep in around window frames.
  • If the weeping tile around your home’s foundation (at the bottom of your foundation wall) is clogged, missing or broken.
  • Water seepage or backups through sewer and floor drains.
  • Water can also seep through the joint between the vertical foundation wall and the basement slab.


Basment Repair Specialists


In order to waterproof your home’s foundation from the exterior, we need to excavate the earth around your home.

This allows us to expose the foundation and identify and fix any cracks in the foundation. We are also able to install a waterproof membrane and install new weeping tile around the perimeter of your home.

There are instances when this might not be possible.

If your neighbour’s home is too close to yours, or if there are immovable objects that restrict this process. It may also be cost-prohibitive for you to waterproof your exterior in this way. If this is the case, then we can work from the interior of your home with a Water Management process.

In order to properly excavate around your home, there will be items that may have to be removed first. Items such as, but not limited to:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Fences and gates
  • Hot tubs
  • Play structures
  • Concrete Patios & Driveways
Basement Slab Replacement

Exterior waterproofing involves digging around the foundation of the house. Exposing the issues of the foundation wall. Then repairing, waterproofing, adding drainage system, and backfilling the excavation.

Depending on the issues with the foundation, the excavation may include one or two walls or potentially all sides of the home.

Trecnhing Around Foundation Basment Repair Regina
Foundatin Trecnhing Foundation Basment Repair Regina
Cracks In Foundation Regina Basement Repair

Check out these videos for more information.


If your home has signs of water seepage or there are visible cracks in your foundation walls or floor.

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AAA Solid Foundation is based in Regina, SK. Our service area includes Regina, Lumsden, Grand Coulee, White City, Emerald Park & Moose Jaw.

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At AAA Solid Foundations, we pride ourselves on doing the best work possible. We work only with seasoned, professional structural engineers who are familiar with the soil conditions in the Regina area.

Our basement foundation repair estimators do not use scare tactics. If there is a simple solution to your foundation issues, we will not recommend services that are not required.

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