Lori Patrick of Sutton Group hosts a monthly podcast titled Inside Real Estate on Spotify

Steve Bauer of AAA Solid Foundation is a regular guest as they discuss foundation issues with your house.

Review the talking points below and listen to the 2 part podcast.



  • We’re here with Lori Patrick of Sutton Group Results Realty! AND special guest, Steve Bauer from AAA Solid Foundation Repair

  • Huge start to the year. Jan/Feb and now March sales stats way up, over 20%-30%. Still experiencing low inventory. Not seeing a lot of multiple offer situations but if you have a hot listing, they will get them. If you have a well-priced home and have low competition it is moving swiftly for great prices! There are also pockets of the market that sell faster than others.
  • First seller example was a special house on an iconic street. Very well cared home with huge footage and excellent potential. This seller had been trying to word-of-mouth sell this house for years. He heard Lori on the radio talking about our inventory glut and asked to meet. Lori met with the homeowner and convinced him to hire her to list the home. Within a week it was listed and quickly sold. This after years of trying on his own! MLS is truly unmatched! You will always find the most exposure, the most qualified buyers and of course now you have 400+ agents looking at and trying to sell it for you.
  • Lots of repeat clients. 2nd seller was a completely different property. Townhouse condo, great complex. I had sold it to her about 15 years ago. I did a market analysis/looked at recent comps and current competition. Decided on the spot to list higher than initially thinking because the market is swift-moving at the moment, and she’s got virtually no competition in this area. They got showings right away. Good feedback then one offer but it’s low. That Buyer’s Agent is arguing price based on recent sales. Lori knows the recent comps but sees the opportunity for her seller to make a better profit on the home. They’d only been on the market under a week at this point and neither are worried. They counter the offer and in the meantime a 2nd buyer looks and decides to write an offer. Far better price. Small counter and 2nd buyer accepts. If you only price based on recent comps prices will never change. You need to consider the entire market scenario. We were able to get a premium because the market conditions were ripe for it.
  • Don’t wait if you’re going to sell. Get it on the market now, we need inventory, the buyers are waiting and watching! The inventory that is on the market is getting a premium. Jan and Feb felt like a spring market!



  • Why Trust Lori? Expert with 30+ years in the industry, a solid track record, and connected to the experts in the industry… like Steve Bauer of AAA Solid Foundation!
  • For foundation questions Lori always relies on Steve!
  • When addressing your foundation, the best thing you can do is be observant and take note of the small changes. Not all foundation repairs are significant, but procrastination can end up costing more in the end.
  • Story – Steve was called out to a house. The basement wall was collapsed! From inside, you could see the flower bed and walkway outside. The only thing in the basement was a furnace and water heater, so the homeowners weren’t going in the basement often. AAA ended up rebuilding the wall for them. Had the homeowner caught signs earlier, they could have prevented this!
  • Downspouts & Eavestroughs – clean them 2-3 times per year if you have trees. Repairing or replacing a $15 eavestrough is a smart thing to do!
  • You don’t want water pooling around the foundation.
  • There have been times where Steve met with Lori’s client and identified issues in a home that client was interested in, causing the buyer to purchase something else. Foundation repairs can be a large expense and take a psychological toll on first time home buyers. Steve will be honest with you about what needs to be done.
  • Regularly walk around your house during the year and basically treat it like a garden; keep it not too wet and not too dry. IE water your foundation if it’s super dry…
  • If you have any questions about your foundation, call AAA for advice. They meet with homeowners every day. You don’t have to be planning to buy or sell right away to get advice from the foundation experts.
  • Steve sees homes that were built 6 months ago having issues, as well as homes that were built 100+ years ago. Age doesn’t always matter.
  • AAA also works with a network of trusted experts in the field. You can trust that you’re getting sound advice for your home!